Spring Camp at IMG Academy

I am one month away from attending a one week football camp at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.  For the past year, I have been following IMG closely, watching their games on TV and following them on Instagram and now on my new Twitter account.  IMG is supposed to be one of the biggest high school football powerhouses with some of the best facilities in the country and I am so excited about going to their camp.

My uncle recently moved from Mass to Sarasota, Florida which is really close to where IMG is located.  I feel like it couldn’t have been better timing for me and my family, so we can stay with them and visit.  While I am  at camp, I will be staying on their campus the whole week so I will miss out on some of the Florida fun that my family will be having at the beach.  But I do know this is such an amazing (and as my mother reminds me, expensive) opportunity. If all goes well and my parents think it is worth it, they will send me to the camp again for about three weeks in summer of 2017.


You’ll see me in the gym now almost everyday.  Asil Cash, the Fitness Director at our local YMCA created a really great fitness plan for me and I am trying to follow it everyday.  I know this will prepare me for IMG camp, but also get me in the shape I need to be in for high school football.

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