My Sister’s My Cheerleader

My sister Kamryn is 7 1/2 years old.  I love her and I know that she looks up to me, even though she can really drive me crazy too.  Kamryn is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan like my Mom (the girls stick together) and she really likes football like the rest of my family. This weekend she asked my mother to print our the entire Steelers roster so that she could write the player’s names down in her notebook. She said that she should write them down so that she remembers all of the player’s names.

Kamryn is a dancer.  She takes like five classes a week and even goes away for competitions.  She’s really good too.  I just finished up my eighth grade basketball season and she usually comes to my practices and does her homework there until my mother picks her up for dance class.  She is always cheering me on and it is kind of cool to have her bragging to her little friends how great she thinks I am.  Kamryn might annoy the heck out of my sometimes, but she’s a pretty supportive little sister and I am grateful for that.

Defensive Line all day.


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