O-D Camp Summer 2015

For the last four years I have been going to the O-D summer football camp at Bryant University in Rhode Island…..although my first year of O-D in 2012 was at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA (where the Patriots play).  The cool thing about going to O-D (Offense Defense) each year is that I get to see a lot of the same players from previous years, so I always know people when I get there.  O-D is a four day full tackle camp.  We start early in the morning, break for meals in between and finish late in the evening.

Kai2015 Camp 1

In 2014 I won the MVP O-D award and invitation to their Florida Bowl, which was so awesome!  For 2015 I won a Performance Award with the Bowl invitation.

Kai2015 Award

I didn’t go to the All American Bowl this past year (my parents said maybe in 2016 when I am in high school, because it’s super expensive for all of us to fly to Florida in December) but I am shooting for MVP and another invite for summer 2016!


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